Getting your garden blooming without it costing a fortune


Gardening is a therapeutic hobby to have, but it can easily become costly with all of the materials necessary to keep a healthy garden growing. In this article you’ll find a few good tips to get your garden blooming without putting a hole in your pocket.

When you’re selecting the plants for your garden, you might consider choosing plants that are more hard-wearing or hard-working than more delicate plants that are available. Geraniums, for example, usually bloom early in the summer right the way through to the beginning of frosty weather.

Focus on the quality of your garden, not the quantity of the flowers you plant. You’ll want even spacing, and a good amount of it. Flowers that are planted too close together tend to overgrow, or not grow at all. It may also be temping to buy in bulk to save money, but it could actually cost you more to find space to plant all of these flowers.

If you’re buying saplings or plants that are ready to blossom, choose the ones that look bright, healthy, and like they’d thrive in an open space or a bigger pot. If a plant looks like its dying, or like it’s quite limp, you’ll end up spending more time trying to nurse it back to health. Purchasing these smaller plants means you can really grow your garden by giving it a good start. Full grown plants may be able to make your garden look instantly beautiful, but they’ll also drain your budget a lot quicker than smaller plants and saplings. Keep in mind that your plants will grow into their maturity, and some of them might become quite a bit bigger than others.

Take time to invest in good tools. Cheap tools may break quite early into your gardening adventures, so even though it might seem like a more expensive set of gardening tools is pointless when you can get the same set of tools for a few pounds, the cheaper ones will be the first to start showing major signs of wear and tear. Tools are an investment, they need to be durable to last through your gardening needs.

Try to choose plants that are native to your region. Plants thrive in certain areas because of various conditions such as rain, sunlight, and soil. For instance, you might find it difficult to grow fruit outside in England, but it’s possible to grow it in a greenhouse under certain conditions. It’s the same with a lot of species of flowers. By choosing plant species that grow naturally in your area, you won’t have to spend so much money keeping them viable over the winter months.

Finally, ensure that you water your plants wisely. Water bills can actually be one of the most expensive things about gardening, but there are ways to be more efficient about it. Try watering your garden in the morning when it’s still cool outside, your garden will lose less water due to the heat this way. It might be worth investing in a soaker hose, if you’re looking for a solution to your watering needs.